Our Story

Our core strength lies not only in our systems but in our people. We hold a diverse team of handpicked profiles across various strata of not only the bunker business, but the shipping industry as a whole. Our people bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives that help us overcome inherent market complexities. At Geostem, we work in a uniquely collaborative model across all levels of the bunker supply chain, fueled by the singular goal of helping our clients thrive and receive reliable and optimized bunker delivery solutions!

Our Mission


Our mission is to leverage our market expertise by providing custom-made fuel procurement solutions worldwide. Our unmatched knowledge base on clients’ and owners’ challenges in the bunker industry equips us with powerful analytics and procurement models.

We are committed to providing a service which is transparent, efficient, and innovative at its core. We deliver on the promise to provide valuable market insights, competitive pricing while ensuring complete transparency in the bunker buying process.

The Team


Established in 2019, Geostem is a subsidiary of the Scorpio Group, initially formed to serve the captive tonnage. Based in Dubai, our team comprises of Traders, analysts, and managers. We also have bunker and claims analysts in Mumbai and Houston. This unique team comprises people from each facet of the bunker buying chain – from commercial operators, to specialist bunker traders and managers to bunker claim analysts, creating a one-of-a-kind team best suited for our customers bunker demands.

We understand your challenges, making us perfectly aligned to ensuring your bunker economics are optimized. With our global positioning, we have a distinctive advantage in providing key market insights and a broad spectrum of bunker related services.

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